Imagine a Day when we create a healthier future for our community.

On Oct 18, 2023, Logan Health will hold our second annual Imagine a Day, a 24-hour digital fundraising event. This year, Imagine a Day supports accessibility to healthcare resources, empowering individuals to lead healthier lives and creating a more resilient and vibrant community for all.

Support the human-centric care at Logan Health by becoming an ambassador for one of our fundraising initiatives or making a gift. Your generosity, no matter the size, will impact the lives of our employees, patients, and your community.

How Imagine Day Works



As you know, EVERY GIFT COUNTS, no matter the size!



Spread the word on social media, send emails, and talk in person about Imagine a Day.



Support an Imagine a Day initiative by setting up your own online fundraising page.

Help us create healthier futures for Montana

2023 Initiatives for Impact

Support our Logan heroes by making a gift to our Imagine a Day initiatives and inspire others to give as well!

A.L.E.R.T. Ultrasound Probe for In-Flight Diagnostics

Logan Health's A.L.E.R.T. program is fundraising to acquire a two specialized Butterfly Ultrasound probes.

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Cancer Support Services

Our Cancer Support Services program provides a full range of support services, education, and activities for youth and adults undergoing treatment or recent recovery of cancer.

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Employee Philanthropy Council

Employee Philanthropy Council (EPC) is an employee-run philanthropic council that ensures their peers have the resources they need to create exceptional patient experiences and excellence in care.

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Facility Lounge Updates for Logan Health - Shelby and - Conrad

Contributing to the facility lounge renovation project at Logan Health - Shelby and Logan Health - Conrad will help create a comfortable and welcoming environment that plays a crucial role in healing and job satisfaction.

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Healthier Futures Scholarships

The Logan Health Healthier Futures Scholarship recognizes outstanding high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to pursuing a career in healthcare.

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Glucometers for Logan Health - Cut Bank and Logan Health - Chester

Let’s equip these healthcare facilities with three Abbott Freestyle Precision Pro Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter Monitors.

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Kids on the Rise

Kids on the Rise creates unique opportunities for kids to participate in inspiring free programs that promote active lifestyles and build self-confidence, while also ensuring that every child in Montana has access to appropriate footwear.

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Pediatric Family and Support Services

Logan Health Children’s Pediatric Support Services fund supports eligible families of pediatric patients with out-of-pocket expenses.

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Campaign Progress

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Support Healthier Futures!

Do want to support all our initiatives? Give to our Imagine a Day fund!

Donations will be split among the initiatives to help meet their goal.



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