A staff member demonstrating to a patient using a diagram of the human brain

“As a nurse, my innate calling is to provide compassionate care to others. I'm incredibly humbled to have been awarded the Buffalo Pin from the Grateful Patient Program not just once, but twice. Upon receiving my first Buffalo Pin, a flood of names of the patients I've had the privilege to care for came to mind each one leaving a lasting, positive impression on me. It's truly eye-opening to realize that the impact we make on others is often far greater than we may ever realize.”
Katie Neff, MS, RN, CNL, Practice Manager Neurology and Neurosurgery

Buffalo Pin Program

The Buffalo Pin Program recognizes caregivers with a commemorative pin to wear on their lapel or badge as a symbol of gratitude they’ve received from a patient in honor of their excellence in service to others. Logan Health provides levels of recognition for the Buffalo Pin, inspiring continued excellence by acknowledging and celebrating the accumulation of multiple honors. Each level of recognition not only signifies the ongoing dedication and compassion of our providers but also fosters a sense of pride and achievement.

Buffalo Pins